WordPress install And first time set up


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You will want to dd this to your cart if, when, purchasing your web hosting you would like WordPress 4.8 installed, I will then get you logged in, show you how to modify your pages, add content and a general understanding of how to get started running your own WordPress site.

I would connect to your device (Preferably a Laptop or Desktop) via Team-viewer and we can talk on the phone and I can walk you through how to get to grips with the basics.

This would be on a one – one basis in the evening after work based on a rate of £15 per hour, 1 hour would be sufficient if you have a general idea of what to do and are proficient with some level of computer usage, however if you feel you are less sure of what to do you can order more or we can have a discussion first.

Click here for more information on WordPress tutoring

Take a look through my shop anweb-hosting services for further information.


If you are interested in something more like a large custom WordPress shop, or would prefer us to build your WordPress site for you for any purpose please get in touch prices and time scales can be agreed up.



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